Philippe Darriet

Philippe Darriet is Professor in Enology (analytical chemistry, vinification process, wine composition, sensory analysis) and Director of Enology research unit (since 2011) at Institute of Vine and Wine Science from University of Bordeaux France.

After preparing a PhD thesis at Faculty of Enology (University of Bordeaux) (1993) on Sauvignon blanc aroma (PhD thesis directed by Prof D Dubourdieu), he was recruited in 1994 as assistant professor at Bordeaux University. Habilitation thesis (2002) on wine aroma chemistry and biochemistry and Full professor position since 2007.

His research activities mainly concern the characterization of volatile odoriferous compounds, often present in trace amounts, which are involved in the typical aromatic nuances of some varieties as Sauvignon blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Viognier and dessert wines or are responsible for off-flavors (earthy, herbaceous and fungal odors). He also studies the chemical, biochemical and microbiological aspects related to aroma compounds and their precursor forms, as their chemical reactivity during the vinification and ageing process. In the recent years, his research activities were focused on the link between olfactory perception and wine flavor composition through perceptual interaction phenomena. Deeply attached to the importance of wine research dedicated to support wine professionals, P Darriet and his group have local, national and international collaborations both with vine ecophysiologists, plant pathologist and recently with experimental economists interested in studying consumer choices.

1994 Giuseppe Morsiani award Italian Academy of Vine and Wine in relation to PhD thesis, translated in Italian