Silvia M. Rocha (Portugal)

Sílvia M. Rocha is Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department of Aveiro University. She got a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacy Faculty, University of Coimbra) and a PhD in Chemistry (Aveiro University). Her research mainly focuses on the characterization of plant raw materials, including grapes and wines, for the prospection of bioactive compounds, and understanding them from the analytical, technological and sensorial point of view. The development of analytical platforms to in-deep characterize Portuguese grape varieties and factors that modulate wine making process are within her expertise’s. More recently, her interests are also devoted to the use of advanced chromatographic methodologies for metabolomics purposes (yeast, plant and body fluids metabolomics). Sílvia M. Rocha published over 125 SCI papers, 2 books, 15 book chapters, 1 interactive CD/book, more than 300 presentations in scientific conferences, and 3 patent applications.