Social events


  • A visit to la Cité du Vin (The wine museum in Bordeaux) is scheduled on Thursday 27th June. “A journey through time and space to discover wine in its universal, heritage, civilizational and cultural dimensions”. 
    You will be offered the entry to visit the permanent tour with an interactive guide, ending in the “Belvedere” place where you will taste a glass of wine.
    La cite du Vin can be reached by Tram (station La cite du Vin, line B)
  • The gala dinner will take place on Thursday 27th June at La Faïencerie (Tram station Les Hangars, line B). La Faïencerie is an ancient manufacture of Faience, in activity between 1835 and 1895. It was subsequently used as barrels storage, then landing dock for river la Garonne, industrial laundry, and is now used as a reception room of 1200m². La Faïencerie has a unique architecture, mixing industrial and contemporary materials, and is close to La Cite du Vin.
  • An optional  wine tour in the most prestigious Bordeaux vineyards will take place on Saturday 29th june