During ŒnoMacrowine 2023 congress, the following traditional themes of Œno congress shall be considered :

  • Plant and Environment - Grape and wine quality
  • Grape and wine microorganisms : diversity and adaptation
  • Wine chemistry, wine components with physiological effects
  • Œnological Practices and Processes
  • Sensory properties : psychophysics-cognitive psychology, experimental economy, connexions with neurosciences

Particular emphasis will be placed in the framework of the hosting of the Macrowine 2023 congress, on communications related to Macromolecules and Secondary Metabolites of Grape and Wine.

Moreover, the wine industry sector has to face many challenges in the context of agroecological transition and taking into account consumer expectations and societal demands. Important changes in connection with the evolution of ripening characteristics due to climate change, new viticultural and enological practices will potentially strongly impact the grape berry composition, the wine quality and the microbiological processes.
In this context, ŒnoMacrowine 2023 aims to explore all aspects related to these transitions. We are particularly requesting (but not exclusively), through the various traditional themes of Œno congress, communications that address these issues and provide elements of knowledge, allowing the formulation of new research questions, adaptation perspectives, innovative processes.