Victor Freitas

Victor Freitas is graduated in Chemistry from the Faculty of Science of Porto University (FCUP) in the year 1984. In the year of 1995, he obtained his PhD in Biological and Medical Sciences in the University of Bordeaux II (France), specialization in Oenology. He is currently Full Professor in FCUP and member of the REQUIMTE-LAQV Research Centre where he has been developing an independent area of research involving polyphenol compounds ( and namely: identification chemical transformations of polyphenols & technological applications in the food industry; interaction of polyphenols with other biological compounds (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) in sensorial and biological context of food.

Victor Freitas presents in his CV more than 350 original articles published in journals indexed in the Science Citation Index (SCI), several book chapters, numerous invited conferences and Congress communications, running multiple I&DT projects and several supervisions of Master and PhD students.